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Let it Snow

The Pro’s and Con’s of a Blizzard.


    • No driving for Lydia in the snow!
    • It finally looks like winter.
    • The world looks like a lovely portrait outside my window!
    • Even though I fell walking across the street this morning the snow managed to prop me up at a nice 75 degree angle!
    • It’s funny to watch the snow plows get stuck.
    • Christmas Tree’s and Hot Chocolate finally have their rightful place in my world.
    • Even though it’s snowing hard I still don’t have to turn my heater on! (Thank goodness for living over the kitchen of a business).
    • I’ve been praying for snow that I can enjoy for years. Thank you, Lord for answering this prayer!
    • Time to play Christmas music!


    • No driving for Lydia in the snow! (That means no day off work!)
    • The world looks like a lovely portrait outside of my work window!
    • I’m still wet from falling in the snow!
    • The snow is stopping. 10 inches isn’t enough, dangit!

The Pro’s clearly outweigh the cons – even though I want nothing more than to be at home enjoying this weather then sitting at work going through the end of the month bills. I must say though – ever since moving so close to work and being within walking distance thereto (
So with all that in mind, I say… LET IT SNOW!


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