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So it’s Tuesday, and I must have forgotten to mark on my calendar that today is a day in which weird remarks will be made to me and odd occurrences will take place.

1st.  An elderly gentlemen stopped in to make an appointment for later in the week.  After the appointment was set up and I bid goodbye to him, he paused and said that he is a big sci-fi fan, that there were not a lot of science fiction fans in the world, and that he is on a science fiction website.  Obviously he’s never heard of the many game conventions throughout the nation – but what disturbed me the most is the way he said he was on a science fiction website.  Now I’ll have all sorts of horrific visions picturing him in some strong alien get-up.

2nd. Due to my recent infatuation with Red Dwarf and after watching the first episode of Season 2 last night in which they introduce an android who looks as if he’s made of mashed potatoes, I dreamed last night that I was dating a mashed potato man.  It was disturbing enough to wake me up at 5:30 a.m. after I licked his face. Gross.

3rd.  For the first time in.. I dunno, 3 months, I find myself having the same problem I had as a teenager.  I have a hard time keeping my mouth closed … literally.  This leads into a story.

When I was young I had a serious overbite which my parents saw fit to fix through braces when I was 16 after several mishaps including the following story:

There is a major problem to having a large overbite.  It’s difficult, and sometimes painful, to keep your mouth closed.  As a result, when thoroughly involved in something like say… piano playing, it’s easy to forget to swallow saliva and combine saliva with an open mouth and… well you can figure that out.

When I was around 14 or 15 I was competing in some piano playing competition.  I think that was the year I was competing in both the Jr. Virtuoso and Virtuoso categories.  Anyway, I was playing Brahms and I remember how thoroughly involved I get when playing that particular piano piece (Intermezzo in A Major).  There were quite a few mishaps that occurred by the time I made it to the piano – mostly due to my clumsiness and height, but when I sat down and began to play I totally lost myself in the zone.  This caused two problems.

  • My mouth dropped open.
  • Saliva formed… and dropped right onto the keys.

The feeling of my saliva on my fingers brought me abruptly out of “the zone” and I began to panic while playing.  My first thought was that I couldn’t play the upcoming part of the piece with slippery fingers.  My second thought was… oh no, how was I going to get the saliva off the keys for the person who came after me?  Do I stand up afterwards and rub my skirt over the keys?

I finished playing Brahms (flawlessly I might add) and stood up.  So I would like to take this opportunity to formally apologize to the person who played on the piano after me that day.  I was just so embarrassed, you see.  And no, it wasn’t sweat that had you and your family casting glances at me as we waited for the winning lists.


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I totally forgot to post about the fun I had on Sunday. A while back I posted about how the World Championship Old Time Piano Playing contest is held each year in Peoria and how I was planning on checking it out. I only had time to spend a few hours on Sunday, but it was worth the experience!

Such fun! And in reading the PJ Star about the competition I learned a few things as well. For example – those garters the men would wear while playing ragtime? They served a purpose other than decoration!

“At the turn of the 20th century, shirts came in fewer sizes. Men couldn’t wear an overly small size, so they wore larger shirts. Garters kept the cuffs from falling onto their fingers. The style stuck, even when shirts were tailored to arm lengths.”

Overall, it was a fun experience and I plan on attending for more time next year – hopefully with someone I can enjoy it with.

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Ragtime, Anyone?

I am so excited! I am also a dork for being this excited – but seriously, how much fun is this. Apparently every year Peoria hosts a competition known as the Wold Championship Old-Time Piano Playing Contest that features adult and junior players as well as composition of new rag-time piano pieces.

As a former Scott Joplin player, my insides jumped and my fingers tingled at the thought of going to see this! Did I mention I’m excited?! I’m hoping I can rope Dad into going to this with me. Seriously, so so cool.

P.S. My piano teacher, Ed Kaizer, will be performing this Sunday with his wife at Bradley U. Really looking forward to checking that out as well!

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