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The Big Day

So today is the grand opening of the Town Gallery- which hosts the INSPIRE … Chillicothe Art and Music community. Featured in the gallery will be the work of Peter Mars, Artist and Jeffrey Gourd, Potter.

Also in the gallery will be me – playing selections by Bach, Chopin, Debussy, Poulenc and Brahms, to name a few.

I’ve done public playing for events like this in the past, and after the first time I never really felt the nerves – but today I feel them, because more than just playing, I’ll be putting myself out there and saying, I’d like to teach your children to do this!

So with that in mind, I really need some prayer… after all, I have an entire Saturday of lesson slots to fill.


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I live in a fairly small town. Chillicothe has around 6,000 people and it definitely is the kind of place where you meet up with the same crowd every morning at the coffee shop on 2nd street, where everyone knows your name in the local pub and so on. Second Street is the main hub of my life, since I now live there. Between the used book store, the art gallary, the jewelry shop, craft shop, copying store, hair stylists, American Legion, pub, coffee shop, post office, bike shop, the attorney’s office that I work for – everything that is in my life is right here within 2 blocks of my home.

So it would be natural that I would be recognized when emerging from the post office this morning on my daily walk back to the office. But this time, I was recognized by the local art gallery director. It turns out she just purchased the building next to hers and is setting up some local art and music appreciation activities for youth and adults alike – and she wanted to talk to me about teaching lessons there.

Can we say HELLO OPPORTUNITY? A chance to teach students who sign up for lessons through something like this – with advertising and word of mouth provided by someone not myself? A chance to teach in a professional setting without having to worry if my dishes are washed and wondering just how hard a kid can bang on my piano before I have to drag my dad out again to tune it! Just when I hit my lowest low this week this opportunity knocks me out into left field.

Thank you, Lord.

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