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An Invaluable Lesson

I know, I know. I’ve totally been slacking and finally I feel creative enough to actually do this again.  That is…if I can find my way around all the changes WordPress has made!

My life these days seems, at a glance, ordinary and repetitive.  As I was sitting here, checking email and listening to the washing machine spin, I realized that a lot of little things do happen each day that others might enjoy reading about.

Last Tuesday night I babysat for some neighborhood kiddos, and while standing outside with them I was approached by one and told, in a very matter-of-fact way, that I am fat.

Now – I’m going to go back to about a year ago.  When I arrived here in Atlanta, Cole was about the same age as this kiddo.  At that age kids are very open, and there’s really no “filter” made yet.  Cole very often would tell me that I was large, that I was fat, that I should grow up and be a “sumo wrestler”.  I had to remind myself of his age and try to take the hurt out of his words and we began to work on seeing beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

That morning, while I was doing my workout (31 pounds lost and counting!), I turned to see Cole standing in the door of the playroom.  He had a bit of a smile on his face, a kind of absent-minded, loving look that I see quite often from him.  He then proceeded to hold his arms out clear in front of him and say, “Aunt.. your belly used to be this big,” and then he moved his hands in closer by half, “but now it’s only this big.  Good job, Aunt on losing weight.”

So when, that evening, he heard the neighborhood kiddo say this to me, he quickly hastened to my defense, “Aunt’s belly used to be this big,” he showed her, “but now it’s only this big.”  And the look on his face when he finished was the  sweetest, saddest expression.  The neighborhood kiddo informed him that it’s good because my belly was too big!  And he shook his head.  I asked him why he did not want my belly to be smaller, and he said “Hello! Pillow!”

I’m so very proud of him.  Where once he would look at me and see “fat Aunt”, today he looks at me and sees me as beautiful. He’s proud of me, and loves me, no matter my size.  And I think that I’m blessed that God has chosen me to be the one to teach this incredibly important lesson.


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Ever have one of those bad days at work that is so bad it just extends… seeping and crawling through the days following it and completely tainting them with nastiness and bad humor?

I had one of those days on Tuesday. To make matters worse, what made that day bad was just 20 whole minutes at the very beginning of the day.

I woke up late (always a bad start), was in and out of the shower in a flash, dressed and out the door within 10 minutes and off I ran to work (the whole.. across the street run). When I got to work I put my hand to my side for some reason..and felt threads on my pretty, spring colored skirt. My first thought was “HORROR. IS MY SKIRT UNRAVELING?”. It wasn’t – oh no, something much simpler than that – I put my skirt on inside-out. So – off I ran to the ladies room to fix this before anyone saw me!

A word of advice. Do not try to quickly do the inside-out skirt fix when the following forces all combine:

1. Slippery sandals

2. Slippery floor

3. Slippery skirt

You guessed it. My slippery sandal got caught up in the slippery skirt and landed just like that on the slippery floor. And down I went..

Ya’ll, I never knew I could do the splits before.

So, for the last few days I have been experiencing mind-numbing pain whenever I walk. You see, the back muscles of my right leg were pulled, and the front muscles of my left leg were pulled so as I walk I get this incredible experience of pain from the front and back – and it’s throwing my balance off!

In other news – tonight is the big Mr. Chillicothe contest, hosted by the Chillicothe Lions Club, during our local Claud-Ellen Days festival. I will stand and cheer with the rest of them as various men from our community parade around the stage in business and swimwear attire, answer silly questions and auction off personal items all in the name of charity. I just hope I’ll be able to stand that long – although sitting is just as painful!

Next week I’ll be starting ballroom dancing classes at our local community center. Unfortunately, the massive guilt trip I tried to lay down on my brother, Alec, last night did not work so I’ll be attending the classes alone. Maybe I will find a little old man who will be willing to dance with me. I will keep you all updated!

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I’ve taken the leap!

Yes, my friends, I’ve finally done it. Yesterday, after work, I made my way through the snow and treacherous ice and ended up at Pearce Community Center after several months of promising to, three filled out (and subsequently lost) applications, numerous self-beating up sessions for not doing it… well you get the picture.

I’m finally well enough off financially to swing the initial fees, finally fed up with my lack of physical fitness to push myself into this, and finally excited enough about being able to get out of my home and find a new place to settle in where I can meet people, swim (even in the winter, thanks be for 84 degree pools!), relax in a sauna and walk without having to brave the cold weather for it.

I’ve always been such a homebody that I never could pull myself away from my books and computer to get out and do things. Now with my Inspire meetings, my Pearce membership and personal piano lessons I’m finally breaking away from a hermit-like existence for the last 10 years and living again.

The cruise didn’t hurt either. =)

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