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My neighbor, Karen, introduced these two videos to me and I have not been able to stop laughing every time I think of them.



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My “Other” Life



Back in the day I did my stint – playing on the Commodore 64 with games like Pac-Man and Oregon Trail. My friends across the street in our neighborhood had an Atari which we totally loved to play with.

As the 80’s passed and my family got a “real” computer (Pentium II!) in the 90’s I migrated more toward fantasy role-playing games and began writing short stories as a result. Most of the stories I wrote dealt within the context f the game I played, and I wish I saved some of them because they were pretty good.

Then I discovered MMORPGs. (Massive Multi-Player Online Role-Playing Games – try saying that outloud five times) Since January of 2001 I’ve devoted a lot of my free time building a solid friend base over a variey of games, from EverQuest (my first) through Ultima Online, Dark Ages of Camelot, EverQuest II, Eve Online and World of Warcraft. I know my family despaired of me for a while there, and that they are happy to see me incorporating more of a “real life” into my life – but I still make time for playing – mostly because of the incredible network of friends I’ve made.

There’s a lot of debate in the online world on whether these a games are just games or if they are a community. As the world becomes more and more accepting of online dating websites, message boards, Facebook, Myspace and various blogs it’s easy to see how through a medium such as an online game people can form bonds, relationships – both romantic and friendships and even develop dislikes of each other.

I suppose I could look back on my gaming “career” as wasted time – but then I’d be denying the people who have helped shape and change me (for the better) throughout the last several years. And warning – I’m going to get sappy here.

Roland and Jocelyn – you two supported me when I was in my lowest low. You’ve taught me that it’s really okay to be strong and that things do work out. I love you guys.

Jesse – You and I have been through some major things. I am so very thrilled that you are getting married this year!! I hope our friendship continues to remain strong, and I expect an invite!

Adrienne – You were one of those dislikes that I had, but you really have come through over the last months. Thank you for the girlchat, for the laughter you provide me and for your insane stories. They make me feel normal.

D – I learned how to really love someone with you. Thank you for teaching me how to open up again.

Online gaming isn’t about all the horrors that you read about in the papers. It’s a community.. We’re just people from all over the world gathering together in an interactive chat room of sorts and hanging out. I’m glad I have this medium to have fun with my friends – and thankful that it was there for me to meet them in the first place.

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Ever have one of those bad days at work that is so bad it just extends… seeping and crawling through the days following it and completely tainting them with nastiness and bad humor?

I had one of those days on Tuesday. To make matters worse, what made that day bad was just 20 whole minutes at the very beginning of the day.

I woke up late (always a bad start), was in and out of the shower in a flash, dressed and out the door within 10 minutes and off I ran to work (the whole.. across the street run). When I got to work I put my hand to my side for some reason..and felt threads on my pretty, spring colored skirt. My first thought was “HORROR. IS MY SKIRT UNRAVELING?”. It wasn’t – oh no, something much simpler than that – I put my skirt on inside-out. So – off I ran to the ladies room to fix this before anyone saw me!

A word of advice. Do not try to quickly do the inside-out skirt fix when the following forces all combine:

1. Slippery sandals

2. Slippery floor

3. Slippery skirt

You guessed it. My slippery sandal got caught up in the slippery skirt and landed just like that on the slippery floor. And down I went..

Ya’ll, I never knew I could do the splits before.

So, for the last few days I have been experiencing mind-numbing pain whenever I walk. You see, the back muscles of my right leg were pulled, and the front muscles of my left leg were pulled so as I walk I get this incredible experience of pain from the front and back – and it’s throwing my balance off!

In other news – tonight is the big Mr. Chillicothe contest, hosted by the Chillicothe Lions Club, during our local Claud-Ellen Days festival. I will stand and cheer with the rest of them as various men from our community parade around the stage in business and swimwear attire, answer silly questions and auction off personal items all in the name of charity. I just hope I’ll be able to stand that long – although sitting is just as painful!

Next week I’ll be starting ballroom dancing classes at our local community center. Unfortunately, the massive guilt trip I tried to lay down on my brother, Alec, last night did not work so I’ll be attending the classes alone. Maybe I will find a little old man who will be willing to dance with me. I will keep you all updated!

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What American accent do you have?

Your Result: The West

Your accent is the lowest common denominator of American speech. Unless you’re a SoCal surfer, no one thinks you have an accent. And really, you may not even be from the West at all, you could easily be from Florida or one of those big Southern cities like Dallas or Atlanta.

The Midland


North Central

The South

The Inland North


The Northeast

What American accent do you have?
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Oh no!

What are things coming to?!

Miss USA is in danger of losing her title!!

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I have a massively overused Netflix subscription. I’ve found since I’ve laid off the intense gaming I have so many hours in the evening to fill.

Since my family is 45 minutes away now, and my students dwindling over the Christmas season, it’s not unusual for me to watch one, sometimes two, movies a night. So I’m taking advantage of this opportunity to see movies I’ve always wanted to see, movies I’ve never heard of, and broadening my horizons by trying some new and interesting approaches.

So, I’ve also decided to review some of these movies – who knows, maybe you will find something interesting to watch as well.

Shadows In The Sun:

I was unsure of this movie. The cover described it as a “Comedy” yet the description is about a young man who journey’s to Italy to find a famous writer, Weldon Parish, and discovers himself and love along the way.

The movie opens up with a very strict view of the modern world. A neat, bare, dismal in it’s beauty apartment and the perfect grooming of a young business man. His walk to work, a ride in a glistening elevator and the coldness of people surrounding him immediately struck me. Is this how we all look – going to work daily, functioning with as much creativeness and spontaneity of a robot? How would my life look to someone watching me from the outside? Would they think I was just the beginning of what would prove to be the most boring movie made by mankind?

The young man is an editor, and the publishing company he works for assigns him to a mandatory “vacation” in Italy in an effort to sign a great writer who has not written anything for 20 years. The difference between the small town in Italy and the cold bustling of London is incredibly marked and made me wish for a simple life, in a place where there is the smells of warm bread, the laughter of men and women filling the streets and the warm colors of a sunset with no electricity and headlights to block the view. How easy it would be to be creative in such a place – when surrounded by the magnificence of God’s creativity?

The movie had a serene, amusing and poignant setting. It was relaxing and heartwarming and ended all too quickly. Settle down for this one with a mug of hot tea, a blanket and a few pillows and prepare to be completely overwhelmed with the sheer beauty of the scenery and touched by the story of discovery being told.

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