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Dating Site Woes

I know a large part of the issues I have with finding nice, intelligent, suitable men is the area I am currently living in.  I accept that.

But on days like today when I receive email messages like the one I did a few minutes ago – I have to wonder if things would be any different no matter where I moved.  This gem of a message came all the way from .. Connecticut (according to his profile).

“hello……angel this janes from usa in the smore state of crawford….am a buildind contactor ……i will like to know more about you and when you are always online .because i iwill like to chat with you ……so mama tell me much about you……note .i i will really want to care about you ……..take care …..love you mama…..reply asap”



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Update on the dating scene

Before you get all excited, no – I haven’t had another date and there’s no prospects in sight yet. I’ve changed from eharmony to match.com – but still, not that many in my area, but I’m not actively looking either.

As a side, my horrible Date #1 has updated his profile to include the following gem:

“I am a great person who has character, wit, and wisdom. I enjoy people and getting to know others. I think character and intelligence are vital in my partner and I also want a woman who takes care of themselves and won’t let themselves go and get fat. I am ambitious and want that in my partner. I also want a partner who is not afraid to take risks and is kind of spontaneous like me. I think looks are important in a relationship also.”

I should have dumped my coffee on his computer.

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A, B, or C?

 Please help me choose which e-mail to send Date #1.

(Polite E-mail)

A.  Dear Date #1:

It was a pleasure meeting with you on Saturday and getting to know a bit about you.  Unfortunately, I did not feel as if I am ready to begin cultivating any new friendships or relationships at this time.  Thank you for setting aside the time to meet with me, however, and I wish you best of luck o your search for that special someone.

– L

(Semi-polite email)

B.  Dear Date #1:

Thanks for meeting with me on Saturday.  I enjoyed our chat, but feel that my time will be put to better use in communicating with other potential matches.  I do appreciate you setting aside the time to meet with me, however and good luck on your search!

– L

(Not polite email)

C. Dear Date #1:

It was enlightening meeting with you on Saturday.  Unfortunately I do not feel as if there is any connection at all between us, and was actually  offended at the interest you showed in my sister, as well as the way you felt as if I needed to be introduced to other people.  I have plenty of friends and a wide circle of people I enjoy speaking to and they are all of various weights, heights, races and religions – none of which make any difference to me. As such, I do not feel as if any further communication between us would be welcome on my part. Good luck on your search.

– L.

So.. which do I send?  I do not want this man calling me any more (not that he’s called since   Saturday, but he hinted he would be).  I hate to be rude – but he really pushed a few buttons, as you can tell.

If you have a suggestion that’s not listed feel free to leave it in comments or email it to me as well.  I’ll take all the advice I can get!

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Dating Experience #1

So today’s date did not go so well.  Some tips to the men out there.

1.  Don’t have an overzealous interest in your date’s sister.  Especially when you ask to see pictures of  your date’s family and then zero in on the one that’s 4 years younger.  Asking more than a half an hours worth of questions about said sister isn’t really kind to your date.

2. Don’t bring out your laptop, load up a dating website and show your date a picture of another girl you’ve been chatting it up with, and then suggest that said girl and your date should meet – they have a lot in common, being both “heavy” and “musicians”.  Also, if you must do this, then don’t take it a step further and suggest that you set up a meeting between them.  This puts you in the light of “person who is out to save all heavy musicians by putting them in the same group for support” … or something.

3. After doing all this, don’t suggest to your date that you would like to continue to meet weekly while heavily implying you would like to be friends.  Honestly, after steps 1 and 2, friendship isn’t high on the list for your date at this point.

So that was my experience today.  One hour and fifteen minutes of this.  I don’t exactly have the highest self-esteem, and just getting out there and attempting to date is a massive step for me – being the homebody that I am.  Today I took a serious blow, then I cried, called my family for support, received it and am okay now, just a little bruised inside.  I’m still going to try, but man, this dating stuff is rough right off the bat.

I guess, if anything, it’s shown me that I can take a few more hits then I could a few years ago.  Maybe I’m made of tougher stuff then I thought.

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Psst.. Hey…you..

Guess who has a date on Saturday?

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