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Well I had great intentions of posting at least two more posts before today – but life has been a bustle of activity around here.  I promise to get the rest of the pictures up soon though!

 As far as how my day has gone so far, around midnight last night Gracie made her way into my room, asked to watch a movie, then proceeded to throw up on me – it was yummy Mac and Cheese throw-up and the first time I’ve had that unique experience.  I guess the plans I made for today weren’t that important afterall.

 Last year I never would have pictured myself turning 31 that way, and I never would have believed that in one years time I would have given up everything I thought important in Illinois and be living in Atlanta.  It just goes to show you that a lot can happen in one year – and that maybe the 30’s aren’t that bad afterall.  They’ve ushered in one of the biggest changes of my life, and have shown me in abundance just how good God can be.


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Picture 1: I can’t even focus on the picture of me.  Look at that background.  HORRIBLE.  Even now my fingers are twitching remembering how that fabric feels.

Picture 2: Ah.. velour shirts. How I miss those days.  Abby reminds me of a young Julie Andrews in this picture. hah.

Picture 3: Where do I even begin here.  First of all, looks like someone (read: mom.. yes you!) slipped with the scissors while cutting my bangs.  Second.. ruffles, ruffles, so many ruffles!  And hello – look at the eyebrows.  They were monsters even back then.  Little did I know that so much of my adult life would be spent trying to tame those things.

 Picture 4: Another old one that made me look orange, so it’s been “sepia-fied!”  Yes, this is me, Laura Ingalls wanna-be.  I still remember those shoes.  They DID pinch my toes.

Picture 5:  I actually like this picture.  I look sweet and innocent and not at all horrific (wait until you see my pre-teen pictures. YIKES)

Picture 6: Ah, my first black eye.  And no, I didn’t get it by looking at the chair I was sitting on.  Good grief.   Why did people choose those fabrics??

Picture 7: My first day of school.  Once again with the sailor girl outfits, and my dad seriously scares me in this picture.  So do my knee socks.

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My life in pictures

As a good friend, an old friend of mine reminded me this morning – my birthday is rapidly approaching (although according to his reminder system I should be 31 today and not in one months time… and oh am I enjoying rubbing that in for some reason).

So today I broke out the pictures, and thanks to my brother-in-law, I now have access to a scanner so these can be preserved forever (and laughed at as well) in cyberspace.  Please forgive these early pictures – apparently I was orange back then so I’ve had to change, via Picasa magic, to a nice sepia color.  You can thank me later for sparing you the horrible colors I was dressed in back then.

Picture 1: Please note the lovely hairdo of my mother and the fact that my father had hair to do in those days.  I also had early aspirations to be a sailor which stay with me to this day (although I do not deny that many margaritas and cute guys might have influenced that particular like this past January). 

Baby Lydia

Picture 2: Speaking of hair, apparently mine wasn’t growing in fast enough – so my grandma loaned me hers.


Picture 3: I’m told I was watching t.v., but I want to direct your attention (not to that little boo-boo on my forehead) to my shirt.  At that age the aprons have to be sewed on apparently.


Picture 4: Here I am a little older, and the hair has indeed started to grow.  I was an early fan of Anne of Green Gables – as evidenced by my puffed sleeves.


Picture 5: And yes, we are still in sepia because I am that old.. here is my reaction to meeting my new sister, Abby.  Self-explanatory I think.


Picture 6:  And ah.. we are out of sepia so now you can experience the wonders that is colors of the 70’s.  Please note the tasteful stripes in various colors of brown and clay red.  In particular I love the little pocket in the front of the shirt.  Mom, I love you – I really do but clothing back then makes me cry.


Picture 7: And to finish the day, I give you Lydia with no clothes! (well undies but still).  And no, that’s not me messing myself, that was mud and this picture is quite famous in my household.



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