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Rainy Days in October

It’s hard to believe that I’ve been in Atlanta for over a year now.  Scott recently uploaded several pictures of the kids taken over the last year or so and it struck me that I’ve gone from admiring and bragging about photos of Cole and Grace to being able to actually tell the stories behind them.  These little ones grow up so fast and every day change something – so I’m making myself sit down (while it rains and is generally drreary outside) and take the time to record some of my favorite things they say and do over the next few weeks.

Grace calls yesterday: lasterday and last night: yesternight.  I think her teachers are trying to fix that turnabout of words, but Scott and I are holding on to it as long as we can, since puzzles are no longer peezles.

Cole retains everything.  I mean .. everything.  Last year he repeated something his Daddy had said in passing to me and when we both looked at him, his response was “Daddy, my ears are always on”.  As we continually are reminded.. yes they are, Cole.

One of Cole’s first school projects this year was to write a story about the class Teddy bear and have a picture taken with it to send in to school.  Cole’s story was about how he and the teddy listened to his Daddy tell Evil Dr. Daddy stories.  We’ve had quite a few of those type of projects this year so far – Cole is writing more and more now and working on sounding out words.  He has also discovered that some of his favorite play things are not so easy to write.. instead of falling back on his favorite “few lettered” play thing – legos.

It’s a tradition in the evenings for the kids to go into the playroom/piano room and watch a movie to calm down for the night.  Sometimes the snacks are eaten through quickly (they remind me of hobbits: May I have snack #2 now please Daddy?) and sometimes they are just wiped out, as evidenced above.  And you can see ever faithful “Pink” there with her.  Pink even has a special spot near the door so Grace knows exactly where she is when we are gone.

I’m going to try and keep posting up a bit more faithfully.  I do miss writing, just time seems to slip away from me.


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