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I have been incredibly silent here as of late simply because my life here in Georgia doesn’t permit me to spend time at the computer like my life in Illinois did and I find I really don’t mind at all.

Things have been stressful lately. The hardest part of going through a family break-up is trying to maintain a low level of stress so the kids don’t react. It’s amazing how in tune with my feelings both Cole and Grace are, and how willing they are to give me a hug or huge smiles whenever they think I might be sad or unhappy. Our bond has grown leaps and bounds since last fall and more than ever I am thankful that God has taken care of me, despite all the struggles I’ve had with anger and despair over the last few months.

Now that the divorce is in the final stages I feel as if we can finally start releasing some of the stress. Plans for this summer are the busiest plans I’ve ever had for a summer. We have my mother visiting (she arrived last night) for two weeks, and in that two week period we are heading to Disneyworld. Plans there include the Pirate and Princess party as well as me being able to hook up with an old friend.

After we get back from Disney the kids will be heading to Colorado for their first of two long visits to their mother in Colorado, so I will be heading to Seattle to visit another two great friends that I haven’t seen in several years. I love Seattle so much and am very much looking forward to spending some of the hot Georgia June time in nice, cool Seattle.

After we all get back the children are here for another two weeks then back to Colorado they go for another three weeks. When those three weeks are done it’s nearly August already and we’ll be looking at back to school time. I feel like the summer is already over when I look at our calendar!

So that is what is happening in a nutshell around here. Prayers are coveted. Please keep Cole, Grace and Scott in your prayers. My students are having some major health issues (one had a heart attack and another a relapse in cancer), so prayer for them and for a few more students for me would be appreciated.


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