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Kids Say the Darnest Things

Last fall we had an incident where Cole was learning to express himself to me and show how much he loved me.  He enjoys calling his dad “Big Guy” and was searching for the correct word for me – because obviously “Gal” wasn’t in his vocabulary yet.

 We went through a variety of words and I loved all of them – because he’d always pick something that was beautiful.

“Big Rainbow”

“Big Flower”

“Big Cookie” (okay, so cookies are beautiful to kids!)

One day when picking him up from school, he greeted me with the following while climbing into the car (in front of a teacher, mind you!)

“Hiya there Big Coconuts!”

Needless to say, we nipped that one in the bud.

So today, I was tucking him in for a nap, and he was trying so hard to think of something to compliment me with.  I was overflowing with pride for him being able to recite his address.  I told him he was so smart, and I loved his smarts!  He said.. “Well, I love your… bottom?”  I shook my head at him and said that wasn’t really an appropriate thing to say, but I understand that he loves me very much.  He said, “I know Auntie Lydia … I love your stinky pits!”

Coming from my nephew, who LOVES sticking his hands into “stinky pits” that’s high compliment indeed!


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Thursday Bullet Points

  • It snowed here last night.  We got between 1-2 inches and there’s still some on the ground this morning. I had to venture to the grocery store last night just as it started to snow and the level of panic was highly amusing.
  • My morning started out with Gracie wetting her pants as she stood next to me in the bathroom – next to the toilet. Fun.
  • Apparently Chik-Fil-A closes down when there’s snow on the ground – I really wanted a chicken biscuit this morning!!
  • My piano is horribly out of tune (it hasn’t been tuned since just after the move last August – this piano tuner’s daughter is screaming at the horror of that).  Local tunings here range from $100-$150 which is RE-DIC-ULOUS.  So, for about the same cost I am flying my Dad down here to tune my piano and hang out for a few days.  He’ll be arriving the beginning of February!  Looking forward to that very much.
  • Continued prayers are appreciated for the situation here.  Please keep us in your thoughts.
  • I lost close to half my students over the holiday season.. which is a pretty commonplace thing I’ve found.  Kids get interested in new things during a break and don’t want to start up lessons again.  Prayers appreciated for more students – but God will definitely provide.
  • I’ve decided to make it a point to get out at least once a week and do something kid-free and fun.  I love Cole and Grace very much and love being with them, but I think everyone can understand when I say I need a bit of time away.
  • I made shepherds pie last night and I’m really looking forward to leftovers for lunch today.  It was YUMMY.

Hope your Thursday is going well!

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Beginning 2008

My brother Alec flew home with me on the 27th of December to spend two weeks with us here in Atlanta and get to know Cole and Grace a bit better (since it has been over a year since he’s seen them). We’ve watched lots of movies, played lots of Guitar Hero, laughed a lot, eaten a lot and enjoyed much family time together.

I’m sad to see him go home – I wish I could just bundle everyone up and keep them close by. I’ve always been a family girl and not having family close enough for me to just flop down next to them on the sofa is a rough thing for me.

For Christmas I got my little brother Ethan a copy of EverQuest II to play with me. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying spending time with him in the game and getting to know him – because when you think about it, I did not grow up in the same household as this brother and he’s still so very much a mystery to me. But now we talk via Ventrilo (a voice chat program) while doing something interesting to the both of us and it’s improved our relationship and communication lines 150%.

After Alec leaves to go home this afternoon it’ll be back to normal around here – but not for long. There’s a trip out to Colorado for the kids next month, and we’re already planning things for March and April – so it’s never dull around here. Time is flying by so quickly, it’s hard to believe it’s already been six months that I’ve been here in Georgia – it feels like just a few weeks.

I still do not regret, and doubt I ever will, the decision made to move here. God is working wonders in my life, and I know He’ll continue to comfort me when the homesickness gets overwhelming.

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2008 Resolutions

I have only two this year.

 1. Be happy

2. Read more (if that’s possible!)

I’m happiest when I’m reading and learning so I figure the two go hand in hand.   With my growing relationship with God I find myself more and more interested in books that can further my study in that area as well.  So – I’ve begun keeping my list of books read, with a small review of them on a separate page of this blog located here.  I have a very wide taste in books – some are pure fluff, but I love them anyway, others are serious and thought-provoking because.. c’mon, I’m 31 here, I should have my thoughts provoked!

But I need some recommendations on books to read to help further my religious study.  What are your recommendations?

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Knowing God

Last month I was playing piano for a women’s Christmas social at Dunwoody Baptist. The speaker spoke of how God works in our lives. How when her home was wrecked by Hurricane Ivan she heard people who had their homes spared talking about how blessed they were. And that got her thinking – about how we are not blessed by what happens in our lives, but rather how we respond to those happenings.

My family is struggling this year, and looking at those struggles I never would have thought in past years that I would be saying that I am blessed.

Through my situation I have come to know Christ in a very intimate way. He totally broke me then picked me up and let me know that everything that I had been trying to do, with juggling my finances, my personal life and trying to help my family, are things that He wants to do for me. I can’t change my families trials – but He can, and all I can do is encourage and pray and let Him handle those burdens – through me or through others. I can only count myself blessed that I have found peace in that knowledge and that my love for Him and for my family has grown in leaps and bounds – more than I ever thought could be.

One of my RMFO.net friends, Kari, posted the following poem on her blog:

This is the irrational season
When love blooms bright and wild.
Had Mary been filled with reason
There’d have been no room for the child.

– Madeleine L’Engle

And the quote at the top of my blog is:

“One of the advantages of being disorderly is that one is constantly making exciting discoveries.”

– A. A. Milne

I am a very disorderly and emotional person.. which leads to irrational behavior on my part. Were it not for that irrational behavior, God would not have been able to use me in the way he is right now. As a result of my haphazard life and inability (it seems) to settle down up to this point, I am able to discover God’s grace and love for me.

So I guess through all of this, God has been teaching me that I am, through all my faults, flaws and glimmers, exactly who He wants me to be right now – and that the refining process is something I look forward to very, very much.

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