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An Update

It has been way too long since I’ve updated here.  I’ve slacked off – mostly due to the fact that life here in Georgia has been so busy and so blessed.

Going to resort to bullet points to try to fit in everything that’s happened since my last update – because believe me, there is a lot!

  •  In addition to the piano teaching business, God has provided with an opportunity to supplement my income working for a realtor who I know from my small group.  I am working from home now, setting my own hours and thanks to my experience working for Mike at the law office I jumped right in with little training involved.
  • Went home for Thanksgiving and had an amazing holiday and visit with family.   I think Evan has grown at least 3 inches since I moved to Georgia. I made some incredible cranberry dishes with fresh cranberries (my first time with them!)  The best, by far, was the Ginger-Lime cranberry sauce.  This holiday, combined with the events of this year, really brought home to me how thankful I am to have my family, to have good relationships with them and to be able to count on them – both in good times and in bad.
  • Christmas is almost here!  Where did time go? With all of the dropping off and picking up from school, making lunches, thinking up of show-and-tell items (an item that starts with E folks.. anyone?), birthday parties, endless loads of laundry and even more endless happy hugs I can hardly believe we’re nearing the end of the year. I’ll be flying home again on the 19th of this month and returning to Georgia on the 27th.. hopefully with my baby (big) brother Alec.
  • My old five-year-old, self-built computer is finally dead.  Kaput.  Won’t turn on.  Thankfully I was able to purchase a new Dell machine (it has FOUR GIGS OF RAM PEOPLE) and it runs my games and new work programs and movies like a charm.  I’m loving it.  Praise God for providing me with the income to afford it.
  • Church has been incredible.  My small group and my church family have really come together to support me and provide me with a second family when needed.
  • One pattern that keeps reoccuring is how well God is taking care of me financially. Every single time an issue comes up and I do not know where I will get the money to deal with it something happens the next day that proves again and again that my life here is in His hands.  And just now I am understanding what a precious thing that is.

So there’s a bit of an update – and I promise not to be so slack in the coming months.  God bless, and have a Merry Christmas!


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