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Well I had great intentions of posting at least two more posts before today – but life has been a bustle of activity around here.  I promise to get the rest of the pictures up soon though!

 As far as how my day has gone so far, around midnight last night Gracie made her way into my room, asked to watch a movie, then proceeded to throw up on me – it was yummy Mac and Cheese throw-up and the first time I’ve had that unique experience.  I guess the plans I made for today weren’t that important afterall.

 Last year I never would have pictured myself turning 31 that way, and I never would have believed that in one years time I would have given up everything I thought important in Illinois and be living in Atlanta.  It just goes to show you that a lot can happen in one year – and that maybe the 30’s aren’t that bad afterall.  They’ve ushered in one of the biggest changes of my life, and have shown me in abundance just how good God can be.


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