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My neighbor, Karen, introduced these two videos to me and I have not been able to stop laughing every time I think of them.



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Yesterday was quite the eventful Saturday.  I woke up this morning and went downstairs to eat breakfast before 11am rolled around.  At 11am Gracie and I went next door to Gracie’s friend, Tessa’s house.

You see, yesterday was Tessa’s third birthday party – and it was a dress-up party … and boy was it amazing.  The shelves in the playroom were filled with tiara’s and matching earrings, shoes, fur boas, purses and jewelry.  A clothing rack held princess, ballerina and fairy tale dresses.  We played with princess stickers on pieces of paper, made bracelets out of colored beads and letter beads (Grace’s is spelled Grazce because she just had to have that “z”).   There was heart shaped sandwiches and star shaped sandwiches, strawberries and princess pink milk.

Today I braved the Atlanta roadways and made my way to The Bridge Atlanta on my auntie’s recommendation.  After an hour of driving in circles (South Berkeley Lake Road does not turn into North Berkeley Lake Road, people.) I made it to the service about 20 minutes late.  It was pretty incredible and high tech.  I’d never dreamed about a church existing that was so well put together.  I felt welcome there and plan on going back – and the message was pretty good too!

It’s pretty difficult to catch all the fun and cute stuff that happens every day – but I’ll try to document it as much as I can.  I am happy – still a little nervous and jittery and trying to find my place, but I am very happy where I am at.

Now the true test will be seeing if I can make it to the kids school without getting lost!

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Wow, has it really been a whole week since the last day of work? I am just as tired and exhausted – but in totally different ways.

Here is a few ways my week has differed from last week:



  • Today I put on a tea party lunch for my niece, Grace (2). We had pb&j sandwiches cut to look like princess crowns, tea (h2o) in plastic tea cups, green beans and applesauce. It was such a hit she ate two whole sandwiches!
  • Cole (4) and I made handmade flash cards today for the letters A – F. My drawing of an ear looks something like this:



  • It is hot, hot, hot in Atlanta. I’ve been trying to do some sweeping, laundry, and general tidying up – but find I have to do it little bits at a time or I melt into a puddle of sweat.

  • Sergei has been introduced to Guinness, my brother-in-law’s Boxer. Guinness has been a total sweetheart during the whole introduction period – Sergei has immediately asserted himself as being the dominant one. Last night when they were introduced Sergei ended up chasing Guinness around the room. Today Guinness just whines when she sees Sergei and he can do as he likes in the house. He is jumpy, though. Grace came around the corner of the living room too quickly and Sergei jumped a whole four feet off the ground as a result.

  • Auntie Lydia is too hard for Gracie to say (or remember) well. I have been dubbed “Auntie Lettuce”.

  • Cole assures me, even when I ask him to do something he doesn’t want, that he “still likes me”.

  • I took a big whack on the nose this morning from Cole’s head. He’s fine, but I think I’m gonna have a bit of bruising about the eyes. Call it initiation.

  • The trip down from Illinois to Georgia was a good one. I enjoyed spending time with Dad (and was randomly plagued with guilt because I forgot to fix computers before I left — sorry Auntie and Alec!!!!). I hooked my ipod up with an FM transmitter and Dad and I listened to a variety of music from Jimmy Rushing, Jr. and Billie Holiday to Christina Aguilera and Mika .. with a little Saint-Saens and Orff thrown in just to mix it up.

  • I can’t use my cell phone. My Samsung Stripe is without power and I can’t find where my charger was put – and my RAZR charger is here on my desk but my pink RAZR phone is no where to be found. Figures.

That’s just about it for now I think. I will enjoy it down here – it’s just strange for now while I try to find my niche. The kids are everything and more what I had hoped they’d be. We took to each other right off the bat and I am loving every minute spent with them.

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Friday Frivolities

  • In the spirit of LOLCats, here is LOLVogue.
  • Last night was the final night of sleeping in my precious apartment. I will miss you, apartment – in all your sunny walls glory and weird acting neon lighting.
  • Tonight begins the final stretch of my Illinois living. Four nights of sleeping on the sofa at my parents house before making the drive to  Georgia.
  • Sergei acts like he’s dying whenever I put his new harness on him. Instead of just walking somewhere, he does this alternating somersault/sliding thing across the floor. Can’t wait to see how this will affect the car ride on Tuesday.
  • Meggan has rented my apartment and therefore all of my furniture and etc that she is buying from me remains in the same place. Makes things super easy for all involved.
  • I’m sad to leave. I will miss this little town that I finally put down roots in. Take care, Chillicothe – and thanks for the memories.

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Happy Birthday, Dad!

55 years old today!

 I love you, and I’ll whup some butts for you today for those people not wishing you a happy day.

p.s. Enjoy your liver and onions.  Wish I could be enjoying them with you!


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New Chapters

Last night my sister, Meggan, and I spent a few hours unpacking the boxes we’d packed last Friday.  No, I’m not staying in Illinois, but Meggan will be moving into my apartment and inheriting everything from my bedroom set to my spices and spice rack.


It’s a happy and sad feeling.  I know she will love it there, but I’ve grown really attached to that little apartment.  It’s the first place I’ve lived truly on my own, the place that I finally faced my fears of being independent and proved to myself that I could do it.  God always provides – whether it’s for that last $50 towards rent or another weeks worth of food.


I arrived in Illinois almost ten years ago now.  I never really tried to put down roots, like I had in Omaha when growing up.  The last ten years have, in fact, been somewhat of a blur.  I’ve worked jobs for family friends, worked in the small Wal-Mart in my dad’s home town – and after quitting watched it become a Super Wal-Mart and, consequently, that small town seeming less small-townish. I’ve dug myself out of debt here slowly, paid for my car and watched my siblings grow up and move on with their lives.


And now I’m moving on with mine.  I will miss Illinois.  I will miss weekend movie-time with my mother.  I will miss kidnapping my sister, Candace, for a weekend at a time – or taking both the boys and getting to know them better over the weekend.  I will miss dropping by Lauren’s house to see how big Nova, her Great Dane, has gotten. I’ll miss the random glimpses of Meggan I get between her many jobs.  And I will miss hanging out with my dad while he eats in their kitchen after getting home from work.  I am so incredibly lucky in my family.  It always astonished me why people would want to move away from their families – and don’t get me wrong here; my family is definitely not all butterflies and roses.  I love them all so much, and I hate leaving them behind.  If only there was some way I could just pack them up and take them with me.


Most of all I will miss my Dad’s hugs.  I’ve always been a daddy’s girl – what with my classical piano playing ways and my intense love of Saint-Saens Piano Concerto No. 5.


Thirty years of living near my folks wasn’t nearly enough.

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Every Sunday I make a visit to the Post Secret website – and every weekend I find myself in tears, from joy and sorrow and feeling more connected to life, especially after a hard week.

My faith plays the most important part in keeping me going these days. With that said, this website provides a look at humanity for me, with all its flaws, and reminds me that no matter what my past has been, and what secrets I keep between myself and God, I’m not the only one out there that hurts, loves, feels pain, laughs, hopes and despairs.

Please watch the video they have put together this week. There is beauty in reading these secrets. Every week I find one or two that I can relate to, maybe you will too.


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