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The Vienna Vegetable Orchestra

  • In honor of this month being National Fruit and Vegetable Month.

Household Magazine

  • A copy of a 1951 issue. Kind of fun to look at the ads from back then.

The best airline complaint

  • And I thought not having an exit row seat was bad.

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Last night I ran downstairs around 11pm in my mis-matched pajamas (yes I was decent) to grab a few library books out of my car that I kept meaning to bring up to the apartment.  I was about to escape back to my apartment undetected when one of the other people in the building, a nice gentleman who calls me “Miss Lydia”, called my name a bit further down the walk.

Being the sort of person I am, I stopped and greeted him with a wave – but that wasn’t enough.  No, he wanted to be friendly.  So out there on the street in downtown Chillicothe (I know, I know.. super hotspot!) I stood in my pink top and cropped white cotton pj bottoms with bright blue, huge posey’s on them.  I have a definite sense of style when I sleep!

He chatted about a little bit of everything.  His minivan had been egged and keyed the night before, he spoke of his kids, the trouble he was having with his step-daughter, his discharge from the military.  Then he stopped talking, looked at me and told me I sure was a nice lady.  In fact, when others mention me I am called the nice quiet, cat lady in apartment 1.

At first this bugged me. But this morning I got to thinking.  I definitely don’t want to be a mean person, so I guess being a nice lady isn’t all that bad.  And I know quiet isn’t bad – especially since my neighbors are not all that quiet.  I’d prefer to be courteous to my neighbors.  I’ve never been much of a party-goer.  I think I’ve been honest-to-goodness drunk once in my life, and that was on my 21st birthday.  As far as the cat lady, Sergei makes up for that.  I seriously have the smartest, most loveable cat that I’ve ever seen.

So my life isn’t all that exciting – but that’s okay.  I’ve had a bit of excitement in my past and it’s still fresh in my memories.  I’m lucky that I have such an active imagination.

Oh, and don’t make sense of that title.  It’s a message, and a little something that keeps me going strong.  And it’s something that no one will ever be able to take away from me.  It makes me a crazy, boisterous and happy person on the inside, and I like that part of me too much to share with just anyone.

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Update on the dating scene

Before you get all excited, no – I haven’t had another date and there’s no prospects in sight yet. I’ve changed from eharmony to match.com – but still, not that many in my area, but I’m not actively looking either.

As a side, my horrible Date #1 has updated his profile to include the following gem:

“I am a great person who has character, wit, and wisdom. I enjoy people and getting to know others. I think character and intelligence are vital in my partner and I also want a woman who takes care of themselves and won’t let themselves go and get fat. I am ambitious and want that in my partner. I also want a partner who is not afraid to take risks and is kind of spontaneous like me. I think looks are important in a relationship also.”

I should have dumped my coffee on his computer.

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Rest – at last!

After what seems like two full weeks of activity I can look forward to this weekend with anticipation.  I plan on doing nothing but some housework, a bit of grocery shopping and lots of snuggling with Sergei.

This week has been pretty draining both emotionally and physically… and time is just flying by.  I’ve always been a stay-at-home type of person and I’m starting to wonder if maybe I’ve signed up for too much.  Lessons, aerobics, dancing, practicing and INSPIRE leaves me little time outside of work for me to unwind and just have time to myself.

I’m going to spend the weekend thinking about what I want to change – I’m happier in my personal life then I have been for a long time, but I think it’s because I haven’t really had time to sit and think about the last few things I need to change and I’ve just been pushing them into the background.  After that’s done I won’t need all this busy stuff to make me feel happy anymore, and I’m looking forward to that time more than you know.

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When crisis hits or I need to busy my hands I tend to tackle cooking creations – mostly from http://www.foodnetwork.com. Lately this has become more of a challenge due to my vegetarian lifestyle – along with my strong dislike of tofu.

Tonight though I decided I should start posting some snapshots of my final product – along with a link to the recipe. You’ll have to make do with my razr phone’s photo quality (like… none) for now.

Pasta Salad

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Family Matters

I’m not really wanting to get into it here – but please pray for my family.  We’re all hurting, and I’m dealing with some major anger issues as a result.

 God help us through this time.

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Disney, Part 2

So last week my old roommate from the Disney College Program showed up to crash at my place over Wednesday night. She hasn’t changed a bit – and it was great to see her.

We sat reminiscing all evening and reminding each other of memories long forgotten. Here are some of those with the second installment of my Disney memories, tips and tricks:

My roommates were Robynne, Amy, Kim, Erica and Allison. Robynne, Amy and I got along the best – and between the three of us we spanned the U.S. Robynne was from San Francisco, CA, I was from the Univ. of Wyoming at the time with a hometown in Illinois and then Amy was from New York. We had some great times. Robynne worked in the MGM Studios, in the little shops just before the Tower of Terror. Amy worked in the Lady and the Tramp restaurant in the Magic Kingdom (my fingers smell like calamari!!) and I worked the popcorn/soda/espresso stands in the Magic Kingdom.

My other three roommates varied. Kim was from New Jersey (I think?) and on her last day in the program got her tongue pierced. She was quiet and I don’t think she liked us much. Erica was super annoying. Just… really… annoying. She also had a sister that always came over and wouldn’t shut up. Allison was our resident out-of-place girl. You know the type – perfect make-up, always dressed just right, giggles a lot, has lots of guys hanging about. She hated it in our room for the first few weeks but gradually started to warm up to us. She worked at MGM Studio’s seating people for the shows.

This all leads into a kind of crazy story. Allison’s main squeeze that Fall of ’97 was a man named Isaac. Isaac worked in the Indiana Jones show in MGM Studio’s as a stuntman. Isaac was a huge, black man with the deepest voice I’ve ever heard and he hung out with us often in the room chatting with us. Isaac is also Isaac Singleton Jr. He said he wanted to get into the movies and it looks like he got his break in ’98. Good for you, Isaac!!

To this day I can still say “Please stand clear of the doors” in Spanish. I don’t speak any other Spanish, except the Spanish equivalent of $3.50 (the price of the popcorn buckets).

I learned how to say Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious backwards. You can too!

Cast members come up with the craziest, most magical stories. In Traditions (the introductory Disney class in which you are brainwashed into the Disney™ look/act) they tell a few of these stories. (Do not read the bullet point paragraphs if you want to retain some Disney magic.)


  • Apparently one Snow White had a smoking addiction and used her break to smoke. Upon arriving back in the area to sign autographs, one of the little kids near her plugged his nose and said, “Ew, Snow White smells like she’s been smoking.” A cast member, upon hearing the little boy, promptly stepped in and said, “No, Snow White doesn’t smoke. I saw her on her break! She was hanging around that evil Cruella DeVil!”





  • A common question asked by children is why there is a wire from Tomorrowland to the Castle in the Magic Kingdom. Parents are always overheard saying that it’s how Tinkerbell stays up in the air during the fireworks show. Parents, please tell your children from now on that it’s a line that Peter Pan drew in the sky so Tinkerbell wouldn’t get lost. Thanks.
  • One cast member was quick on his feet one day when, while watching Chip and Dale sign autographs, he heard a child ask his mom why Dale and Dale were out there instead of Chip and Dale. (Dale is the chipmunk with the red nose). The cast member gasped for the child’s benefit and said, “Oh my, we need to fix that!” and hustled the chipmunks into the back area, where one of the Dale’s quickly put on Chip’s head). When they came back out the boy was suspicious, so the cast member informed him quietly that out back Jafar had been casting spells and had turned Chip into Dale! At that moment Jafar came out and bowed in apology to the boy. Boy, those cast members can make some magic.

Some interesting trivia – the Haunted Mansion has several chess pieces featured on its architecture. One piece is missing, however. The Knight – because when you enter the building… you are entering the night.



Also, the grass at the Haunted Mansion is cut with scissors to give it that raggedly look. For a great overview of one of the stories (and my personal favorite) read this. (p.s. the ring is embedded in the sidewalk outside of the exit of the ride. If you visit, keep an eye out for it.)

My favorite places to eat: Garden View Tea Room at the Grand Floridian, Victoria and Albert’s at the Grand Floridian, Polynesian Luau at the Polynesian Resort, Rose and Crown Pub in Epcot – and for the best pastry in the world, try Schoolbread in Norway. It’s incredible.

My favorite places to sit: Just outside the Rose and Crown Pub in Epcot, at the fountain in France in Epcot and anywhere on the boardwalk around the BoardWalk Inn Resort.

We most often stay at the BoardWalk Inn or the Beach Club resorts – but while I was in the College Program I stayed at Vista Way in Lake Buena Vista, Florida.

So those are a few more of my memories and I hope you enjoyed reading them. My time at Disney was a wonderful time, and one that provided a lifetime of stories for me to tell.

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