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16. Couldn’t muster up sufficient disdain if all nine lives depended on it!

15. You’ve repeatedly found him in the closed garage, hunched over the wheel of your running Buick.

14. Sits for hours in fascination while listening to Bob Dole.

13. Teeth and claw marks all over your now-empty bottles of Prozac.

12. No longer licks paws clean, but washes them at the sink again and again and again…

11. Continually scratches on the door to get in… the OVEN door.

10. Doesn’t get Garfield, but laughs like hell at Marmaduke.

9. Rides in your car with its head out the window.

8. She’s a dues-paid, card-carrying member of the Reform Party.

7. You realize one day that the urine stains on the carpet actually form the letters N-E-E-D T-H-E-R-A-P-Y.

6. Has built a shrine to Andrew Lloyd Webber entirely out of empty 9 Lives cans.

5. Spends all day in litterbox separating the green chlorophyll granules from the plain white ones.

4. After years of NPR, Tabby is suddenly a Ditto-Puss.

3. Sullen and overweight, your sunglass-wearing cat shoots the TV with a .45 Magnum when it sees cartoon depictions of stupid or lazy felines.

2. Your stereo is missing, and in the corner you find a pawn ticket and 2 kilos of catnip.

and the Number 1 Sign Your Cat has a Personality Disorder…

1. Makes an attempt on First Cat Sock’s life in a pathetic attempt to impress Jodie Foster


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Madrigals and Tires

On Friday I took off early from work to make the trek over to Washington to accompany my sister, Candace, for her audition for the high school madrigals. (It still simply blows my mind that my baby sister is going to be in high school this fall.)

I arrived in Washington without mishap, despite my check engine light playing with me over the last few weeks. Ran through the song a few times to get my bearings – she was singing My Blanket and Me from You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown, and she even had her baby blanket with her!

She did great though! I had to coach her a bit out of her shell, but damn it there is some Meggan in her! She even caught herself off guard at the last bit of the song – I had been pushing, yelling at her to let it out, and then.. she did, and … it was incredible.

So we finished up around 5:15p.m. and I headed back over the 25ish miles to Chillicothe. Unfortunately, about 7 miles from Chilli I heard a loud POP and then thunkthunkthunk. Yes, my front passanger-side tire blew. Literally…blew. Like 2 inch in diameter hole in the tread. There’s only 30k miles on that tire too!! Of course, the lovely T-Mobile doesn’t get service in that particular area of Route 29, so after a bit of walking I managed to contact my dad and secure his rescue services then settled in for an hourish long wait for him to get out to me and put my spare on.

So the moral of this story is – Thank the Lord for dad’s!

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No doubt, those of you who read my blog know that I play classical piano – that I take piano lessons from Dr. Kaizer at Bradley University and that I teach piano. With spring comes my quarterly advertisement in the local paper to secure a few more students to offset the attrition that is certain to occur with young students. Up until this point, my dealings with our local paper, The Chillicothe Independent, have been agreeable, affordable and have brought at least a few students in.

Then the spring rolled around.

My ad that I place reads like this:

Limited openings for piano students of all ages in Chillicothe. Call Lydia at (***) ***-****.

Simple enough, right? Apparently not.

Last Christmas they had issues with the period. So this year I made sure to indicate where I wanted the period to go. I guess my mistake (although it was successful in the past) was that I placed the ad via telephone instead of delivering it, handwritten, to the office.

Last week my ad looked like this:

Limited openings 4 piano students of all ages in Chillicothe. Call Lydia at (***) ***-****.

Anyone else see the issue in this? Hi2u I r a netspek kid what tchs pino in Chilli. Seriously, I was furious. I called the paper as soon as I saw the ad and told the woman that the number 4 should not be there and F – O – R should take it’s place. I spelled it out to her, people.

So yesterday, I opened up the paper hoping that this time they finally got it right. This is what I saw:

Limited openings, four piano students of all ages in Chillicothe. Call Lydia at (***) ***-****.


I’m speechless, people. It’s bad enough that these horrible ads look far from professional, but I’m not getting any phone calls – not even a bite. Granted this could be because people are not interested in signing up for lessons, or maybe, just maybe, the sheer stupidity of these ads is making people shake their heads and wonder what the hell is going on.

So today I am walking the written ad down to the paper, suggesting a cooling off period of 2 weeks before it is run again, and I am not paying for the last two weeks of insane stupidity.

Although I’m half-tempted to make a phone call again just to see if next week we can use the word “fore”.


So I went to the newspaper office. Once again – no apology for the mistake, instead she tried to blame it on me. Apparently me saying that the “number 4 is incorrect and should be spelled F-O-R” translated to “spell out the number 4”. I am seething with anger at the moment and trying to calm myself down.

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Vet Day

Update: Sergei is super healthy, complained at me the whole two blocks to the vet’s office and in the last two weeks has gained about 4 lbs.. so he’s weighing in at 11lbs! He’s not fat though! But man, he’s growing like a weed!

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It’s been quite some time – and many, many movies and cat experiences since I updated my blog. I realized today while I was watching my google reader list, anxiously waiting for my favorite blogs to update that I hadn’t visited mine in a while!

So here are some highlights of these past days:

  • Watched a real life version of Cops outside my window at 12:30 a.m. Got the advantage of having the cop side outside and the drunks version inside.
  • Gave Sergei a manicure and a bath. He actually disliked the manicure more – and even then he only squirmed a little bit. I swear, this cat is more docile than any other animal I’ve seen.
  • Aside from the docile bit, Sergei has had ONE hellion moment. Apparently a roll of toilet paper began hurling insults some time in the night – because it was slaughtered and bits and pieces left all over my living room one morning. I can’t even imagine how far that roll of toilet paper had to go to get him worked up.
  • I’ve been playing a game of Russian Roulette with my car’s check engine light. It’s not really a fun game – but that little car just has to get me another year of use!
  • I’ve been contacted by a few people from my family’s past. Apparently my blog has broken the cover of secrecy donned by my folks years ago. I am now the family outcast. (Not really, teehee).

(In connection with that last bullet point – seriously, I would like to have just one person out of the many emailing me be looking for me! I know my Dad is a great guy, and Meggan is super cute..but where’s the internet love for Lydia!)

Now that my whining is out of the way, let me just say this about my favorite tv shows.

  • American Idol – Sanjaya – loved you in the auditions, hated you on stage. I’m so glad you are gone.
  • Lost – I don’t care what they do with this show as long as Sayid is around for me to drool over. BUT I NEVER TRUSTED JULIANNE – EVER.
  • Gilmore Girls – I love you, love you, love you and I missed you!
  • Heroes – You come back on the 23rd! I missed you too!
  • Battlestar Galactica – 2008 is too far away.

That’s all. I plan on taking many pictures of Sergei this weekend while he’s all doped up on his shots. I will post them next week!

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My Easter Weekend

  • Cadbury Eggs eaten – 0
  • Pre-teen boys entertained for FOUR DAYS – 2
  • Cans of Vault consumed by pre-teen boys – 16 (
  • Movies watched – 7

Crocodile Dundee
Romancing the Stone
Talladega Nights
King Arthur
Happy Feet
Meet the Robinsons
Firehouse Dog

  • Cats tormented – 1
  • Trips to the folks house – 2
  • Gas consumed – 21391872312 gallons (it feels like!)
  • Trips to the grocery store made – 3 (one at 10:30 p.m. because watching someone on t.v. consume a hot dog made us hungry for hotdogs. Shame on Kroger for not having veggie dogs available!!)
  • Alcohol consumed – 0 (but I was wishing for it a few times..heh)
  • Fun had – 8 billion gallons worth.

I hope ya’ll had a fun, relaxing weekend.

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